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Ride to the Wall

Each year, Battley Harley-Davidson / Battley Cycles hosts a huge, weekend-long event for the upcoming Rolling Thunder® motorcycle demonstration held in Washington, DC. If you have never taken part in Rolling Thunder®, it is an annual demonstration where hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists descend on the Pentagon to take part in the Rolling Thunder® ride. Rolling Thunder® is not a parade, it is held to raise awareness about the plight of our soldiers who are Missing in Action (MIA) or Prisoners fo War (POW). It also helps fight for veteran's rights and benefits. Motorcyclists from all over the world converge on the Washington area this weekend, then ride to the Pentagon parking lot on Sunday morning. Around 12 noon the Rolling Thunder® demonstration ride begins as motorcyclists exit the lot, cross the Potomac River, and ride past the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. Thousands of onlookers wave flags and cheer for the bikers as they complete their journey.

Battley Harley-Davidson / Battley Cycles hosts three events on Memorial Day weekend, known as our Ride to the Wall Weekend. First is an evening ride downtown to see the monuments at night. This is very popular with riders from out-of-town as they don't usually see the monuments lit up. The monuments are open 24 hours a day, so we are free to walk around and explore them in a whole new light - at night!
Battley Harley-Davidson / Battley Cycles throws a great Ride to the Wall party on Saturday featuring live music and free food. The entire dealership is alive with activity as everyone prepares for Sunday's big ride. The dealership is open from 9am - 5pm on Saturday and we typically have more than one band playing all the classic rock hits you know and love.
Sunday morning motorcycles start forming up at 6am for the big ride to the Pentagon to take part in Rolling Thunder®. The dealership is open to make last minute purchases, use the bathrooms, and grab a cup of coffee. Around 7am we have doughnuts and coffee delivered by our friends at Dunkin Donuts in Frederick. At 7:40am we start our official ceremony featuring the Boy Scouts presenting the colors, the pledge of alliegance, a prayer for the day, a patriotic musical performance by Officer Gregory and his saxaphone, and some words of safety by the Montgomery County Police.
Make sure you line up and park your bike correctly! We have two lanes, one for bikes that are headed all the way to the Pentagon parking lot, and one for people who are going to break-off prior to the Pentagon. The line going all the way to the Pentagon parking lot departs first behind the police escort. When that lane is finished, the 2nd line falls in behind. If people in the 1st line break-off and take an exit, the bikes following them may think that is the way the police want them to go. It ruins the ride for them, so please keep your fellow bikers in mind and use the 2nd line if you're not going to the Pentagon parking lot.
Over 3,000 riders depart Battley Harley-Davidson / Battley Cycles each year under police escort to the Pentagon. Officers from several jurisdictions close down all roads and access so that we have a safe ride from the dealership to I-270, I-495, and the George Washington Parkway. There really is no experience quite like the one you get as you ride with us downtown on a highway that has been closed to traffic.
Our never ending thanks goes out to the Montgomery County Police, Rockville Police, gaithersburg Police, US Park Police, Maryland State Police, and the Montgomery County Sheriffs for providing a safe journey to the Pentagon.
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